May 24, 2013

The Blog

Entering the blog world at a time when it is jam-packed and clogged with so many bloggers, there is that inescapable likelihood of being minuscule and of course that annoying tendency of being  side knocked by ‘blog heavy weights’. That aside, I strongly feel that in as far as humor and delight are a great tool to commanding a good audience and enjoying nice stage presence, what’s vital and more importantly fundamental is the kind of content you provide your viewers with. Its one thing to do stuff just because you want to or simply because it’s the new cool and it’s another thing to do stuff because you need to, because it adds value to life. Mirror’GE is my home of thoughts where I express the traffic that goes on in the vast network of my brain. Further adding to that and what I’d say is everyone’s moral and humble obligation is that Mirror’GE is NOT about me, but rather it’s about the people around me, special people who life has been generous enough to give me. It’s about amazing talent that surrounds me, profound characters, geniuses in their own senses. A midst the, if there be {ha ha}, glamorous pics and good writing, it’s my hope that this blog will be beneficial to anyone seeking to add a little substance to their prudence collection. Like a poem, I hope this blog begins with delight and ends in wisdom