Apr 10, 2015


My latest post explores the role of style as part of lifestyle on a childhood level. For most of us, clothing was introduced to us by our parents/guardians in our childhood as a statement in events, family gatherings, or typically on church day. Thus it makes us, as we grow into our adolescent and adulthood instinctively conscious about garment. The girl child on this has an edge since for her fashion/style is imposed on her by society and long standing history about girl adornment. But for a man style requires alternative thinking.

In this post, I talk about making a stylish man by chronicling the prototype from a child’s perspective. While doing so, I wanted to present this within the context of a child’s background so what I did was I took vintage pieces from our childhood games and put them together with what kids nowadays want to play with. This was important for me because connecting with a story is an important aspect in telling the story. I am happy to give you the images fromP R I N C E’ 

Model: Prince
Photography: Studio 90z
Set and styling: Haji Mutonye