Jun 9, 2014

A tribute to life

Coming at a time when I am marking a little below a quarter century of existence on planet earth, I am writing this with 1000% seriousness. So I was specifically born some 22 years ago on a day like yesterday {see 8th June} at the largest maternal hospital in the country as is the case with most Nairobi babies. I know scarcely about my weight and other details at the time of my birth, but what I have been told continually by my mother is that my eyes had an extra glow on them. Whatever that means, I have strategically chosen it in my life to mean a good sign; to mean special, significant, to mean light. And it’s a good feeling to feel special, significant and to feel that you represent light even when it’s all only in your head.
Growing up was the usual affair of struggle and hardship but I am not going to bore you with that; because yesterday is a good day. A day of my eyes. A day that is special, significant and a day that represents light not only to me but more important you reading this post. I usually honestly normally don’t get too excited about birthdays as I like to think of them as a time when you need to take stock of your life and I could honestly say that as far as my previous twenty something birthdays are concerned, not a single one I have felt like I have lived up to my expectations. Hence the reason why I have not been too big on celebrating considering birthdays as heavenly-put days to cross-examine your life. Though this should absolutely not be wrongly interpreted to mean people not to celebrate their birthdays heey! any opportunity for celebration should be fully taken advantage of because life should be good like that! 
Wait, where were we before I started losing the thread of our serious conversation? Yes, taking stock! I have learned that the key to achieving personal growth which to me, in all its various regards, forms the general purpose of life, is to surround yourself with good company. For me, my good company has been my family especially my best mother in the world and a circle of good friends who are keen on both your growth individually and collectively as friends. I read somewhere that the dignity of human development lies in the ability to change; it’s a sign of progress. I read somewhere else that the only human institution that rejects change is the cemetery. These two illustrations of life have been the two rails my train of life has been running on. One being a constant reminder that I should at all times progressively make positive changes into my life and the other guiltily reminding me that should I not do the former my life will compare dismally to a cemetery, not very decent of a comparison. To bottom line the day that was yesterday and in the spirit of taking stock I’ll leave you with this: www.neibazfashion.com . And so I’ve taken stock.
Thanks for dropping by.