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I have always loved how behind the scenes visuals actively play the important role of explaining what transpired in the making of any given art and how eloquently they act as a second mouth piece to a project. In life, experience has taught me {even as I boast of my very advanced age of a little above twenty Ha} that people will always appreciate and reward good results but people will only respect a good contribution. Why. Because effort will always radiate a sense of self dignity and accomplishment even in the usual scenario where the end product doesn’t quite pan out as good as we’d hoped for. Of having gone out of your way to diligently carry out a duty people will respect you for that. This simply goes further in legitimizing my odd profound love for behind the scenes! It is where you get a feel of the hard work and effort that went into a piece and where you meet the creators at their unguarded moments; transmitting to everyone the sense that everyone is ordinary. Thus said, this post is giving you a glimpse into a few behind the scenes photos- and a video, from previous different projects I have been part of.
In being honest, initially I wrote this post selfishly just so I could force that amazing West African tune played towards the ending of the Golden Child behind the scenes video into your ears. Youssou N’dour has succeeded tremendously in making me a slave to this tune, I could listen to it play all day. Literally! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy. Peace.

Watch Golden Child behind the scenes video here:


 I hadn’t been properly excited about the latest editorial at showcasing a short film based on the functionality of the African society, until I got to experience its first screening at The Nest-  art open show gallery- some few days ago. Golden Child, as the name of the editorial goes, surrounds the notion of how the African community has existed; its basic belief on social and cultural responsibilities highlighted from a combination of film and sartorial perspective. Watching the film for the first time, it’s quite difficult to make out what exactly the film is about perhaps mainly due to the artistic rooting of the entire visual nonetheless it is this element that particularly excites me. I am always looking forward to something that intrigues my mind, in the sense that I have to sort of revisit that particular thing severally for me to finally get the actual meaning out of it and for what it was intended; and as such Golden Child advances this equation with so much ease.
It has in many instances been said before that the body is the realm of social and cultural negotiation and as so, dress and adornment play a powerful role in representing characteristics within these categories. Neibaz fashion house summarizes this function so eloquently in this recently released editorial.

 Watch the Golden Child short film below:


I have always been interested in the personal style of others and the story behind their fashion choices. People have been documenting their style and it’s no new phenomenon. But I’m always intrigued by normal folks on the streets in their self- styled states. It’s easy for someone to pull off a stunning look  or dress so elegantly in knowledge that they’re off to an important meeting or they’re out  for an exclusive date, cocktail or something of the sort; but what I find stylish is those unguarded moments away from the ‘Big brother’s watching’ mentality. You know, like those times you feel like ‘you don’t want to dress’, that outfit/combo you spontaneously put on at such moments would be my focal style reference point. Style room  will be a platform where I document the lifestyle and clothing aspect of normal, unknown guys from the streets, hood , chill spots cause I’ve always felt that style, just like most features of society, is found at the roots; the people level. And by people I mean simple fellows who we pretty much most of the time overlook. Think the newspaper delivery guy, you’re tailor. To start style room off I introduce you guys to a familiar face, a so talented individual and a close friend of mine…Ismail.


Now that my camera issues are sorted out and my beloved canon 5D is in full swing, I managed to secure a photo session with Ciphas my next door neighbour and friend.

I had previously discovered, on my occasional ritualistic evening bike rides, this tranquil and cool site along industrial area. Being at the heart of Nairobi’s busy industrial area, I expected nothing short of fleets of cars and Lorries streaming in and out, deafening noise from the factory machinery, plenty of uniformed workers or something to that tune. But to my surprise it was actually quite the contrary. There was this serenely quiet place sitting ironically just close to what I think is the largest Tusker larger brewing plant. I remember back in school a trip to such a place would mean an educational tour to the factories but this time round I was not up for “how the distillation process works” or “optimum boiling point” lessons rather I was interested in finding a nice venue which would provide nice imagery. And from the beautifully designed factories, antique balconies, wrecked railway lines, this was the real deal.
So the shoot?ok I'll be honest and say that we spent so much time conversing and making stories of what was happening in our immediate cirles and that kind of took plenty of the time we'd have spent on the visuals but aside from was ok.


I’ve been meaning to do a shoes post ever since I caught sight of this well-dressed man placidly reading a book in a public vehicle on my way to Nairobi from up country some few weeks ago. Its easy for anyone to grab eye of a sharply dressed man in nice shoes, but there is something in sighting this gentleman in a rural place that tells a story so much more than his clothing. In well-pressed ankle size formal trousers and sharp blazer, what caught my attention was the playful yet well selected match between his sock and pair of brogue shoes. It didn’t seem like so long ago that I had read an article on how fashion/style tends to favor men in various different ways. For one, when it comes to menswear, the cyclic changes are more restrained than those of the female counterparts. Men’s attire has been pillared over years in a gentlemanly tradition. While there are also seasonal changes, it is this sense of reservation that has allowed men to seamlessly use a bit of creativity and make century old classic garments look new. Better yet for men, it all comes down to buying less but quality.

In the context of menswear, the general consensus seems to be creatively pairing of classic garments with beautifully crafted essentials. For so long I have been obsessed with shoes and this statement couldn’t excite me more. I like to think of shoes as stars and clothing as just the sky which essentially gives stars the platform to shine. So when I’m wearing my shoes I like to do stuff to them that will make them get noticed, like a roll up and no socks that sort of thing. So going by an earlier statement, men will be well advised to invest more on quality pieces, use more on essentials such as socks and nice pair of shoes and they’ll be rest assured of not only feeling more confident and looking flawless, but at the end of the day they’ll end up with pieces they love, ultimately saving money and making their lives much easier when it comes to getting dressed in the morning…

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