Nov 11, 2013


Foremost, I’d like to register my many apologies for the dry spell that has characterized the blog for the past few months. I am well aware of how, in this technology times, a few days of ‘Missing in Action’ can easily translate to a century and how even the grandest of ideas can be overridden in a whisker. That said, I am glad and frankly quite excited to be back in the blogosphere totally re-energized:)

So it’s been quite a busy few months on the other side over at Neibaz fashion house. Working on the project ‘Appreciation’ which was launched earlier on in August alongside other visuals has been quite an interesting  experience, as always it’s a pleasure working with team Neibaz. Anyhow, matters mirrorge now! Got so much lined up can’t wait to share with you guys. Currently working on an album as far as style room is concerned. In this album is where I give tribute to style around the country with emphasis on ‘unusual places’ and feature people with great stories and unique personal style. Over at Graduation things are keeping up well, be releasing the imagery sooner than soon. So guys, buckle up for some serious interaction!!