Dec 22, 2015


I have worked for the past 3 years with a bunch of creatives on several projects. As a self-taught creative, I have through the years realized one truth: That Nobody has a Monopoly on Good Ideas; and that nobody is irreplaceable!

It is easy, when especially you are a group of friends working on a project or a functional creative business, to get into the tendency of believing what you want to believe; which in most cases is not usually a reality. When you believe so much in what you are doing and you are working 16 or more hours a day everyday on your job, inevitably it gets into your head. And this is the point where if you are not conscious enough stagnation will come in. If you are constantly telling yourself good things and always magnifying your successes, as it lifts your spirit, it also registers a false perception that you are too good. Not to say that taking stock of your successes is inappropriate, only that you need to put a balance between celebrating and moving on. You have to always remember that your previous success is easily your greatest current threat.

One dreadful mentality that you can ever cultivate in your mind is that you are irreplaceable. Yes, as a person you are unique in your own way, but as far as your work you are just one among many, and very much replaceable! To believe that you possess an impeccable set of skills that only you can offer is to buy into a lie. And the worst kind of lies is those we tell ourselves. The truth is what you can do someone else can do it as good or better.

When I see a creative who thrives so much on a past project, usually it’s a red flag for me. I mean simply anyone can get lucky one time, two time or three; but to show consistency it needs much more than luck. And perhaps that’s the true meaning of being a creative. You have got to be constantly working, always creating new ideas. Whether it’s a sport, art or a career, you have to keep creating. Doing this does not only prove to your audience that your work is no game of luck, but it also allows you to make as much legitimate errors and learn from them. Ultimately you will become a master of your art.